Acrylic Rendering Benefits and Notable Perks

Every person wishes to have a house that features exceptional attractive exterior, most especially homeowners like you. Fortunately, this dream house of yours can turn into a reality with the use of acrylic. This material is exceptionally durable and effective in creating the most attractive exterior design that will make your home look extraordinarily beautiful. You should seriously consider using acrylic rendering SA if you are planning to redo the exteriors of your home today.

As we all know, cement is the most common material for house rendering, and its process is also exceptionally similar to acrylic. The only factor that sets it apart from each other is that the acrylic solution is significantly used for the render which is composed of plastic materials.

You can make use of acrylic in various ways as it is incredibly flexible. It can either be rolled, sprayed or even trowelled onto the surface wall you wish it to apply. Also, acrylic increases the level of strength of rendering greatly more than the ordinary ones. Another fantastic feature of acrylic is that it can produce different shades even if the materials used are similar. So, to convince you of how effective acrylic is in turning your dream home into reality, we provide a list of benefits below that you will surely love and appreciate.

  1. Multiple Finishing Options

Although acrylic is already quite attractive, you can enhance its appeal more through using various techniques that will lead you in creating more arrays of finishes. You can surely create beautiful textures the most popular choice of which is the smooth finishes.

  1. Durable

Its extreme durability is considered as acrylic’s most significant benefit. Due to its high flexibility, it is exceptionally resistant to cracking. It only means that even natural movements of contraction and expansion might happen, the exterior walls of your home will never acquire any ugly cracks instead year after year your home will look more amazing.

  1. Various Substrates

Acrylic can be significantly used on a wide variety of substrates which is one of its notable perks.  Aside from concrete, you can also effortlessly apply it on painted walls, timber and even on fibre cement. Surely, with its outstanding versatility, you can beautify your home.

  1. Quick Drying

Weather conditions will never be a problem for you anymore since the finish of acrylic rendering SA will never be affected. Since acrylic only requires a few days to dry, weather conditions will never be an issue, unlike traditional renders that take up to weeks to cure.

  1. Resistance to Water and Moisture

Being water-resistant is another useful feature of acrylic rendering. As a result, it will never be affected by any bacteria, fungi and mould. With this, you will maintain a clean and healthy home to live.